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Welcome to the latest edition of The AP-NORC Center Update. Check out our latest releases on older Americans' experiences in the health care system, as well as the most recent work from our journalism fellow.

Our Latest Reports

Long-Term Care in America

Long-Term Care in America: Hispanics' Cultural Concerns and Difficulties with Care

Many older Hispanics in the United States say they have faced language or cultural barriers as they navigate the health care system, with many experiencing serious setbacks because of it. In the latest survey about the long-term care experiences of American families, an oversample of older Hispanics finds that few have confidence that local nursing homes and assisted living communities will be able to accommodate their cultural needs. Read more

Our New Video Interactive

Phasing into Retirement: Older Americans' Experiences with Work and Retirement Planning 

 Americans are working later in life and retirement no longer means a complete departure from the workforce. For many, working remains an economic necessity. For others, work continues to enrich and provide value in their lives. This video interactive from The AP-NORC Center explores the lives and circumstances of those working into old age and uses findings from the 2017 Working Longer study to provide greater context to those retirement experiences. Read more

From Our Journalism Fellow

Workplace accident death rate higher for older workers

Older people are dying on the job at a higher rate than workers overall, even as the rate of workplace fatalities decreases, according to an Associated Press analysis of federal statistics.

It’s a trend that’s particularly alarming as baby boomers reject the traditional retirement age of 65 and keep working. The U.S. government estimates that by 2024, older workers will account for 25 percent of the labor market. Read more

Companies taking steps to keep older workers safe on the job

When managers at Bon Secours Virginia Health System started analyzing workers’ compensation cases, they noticed a bad combination: Older nurses were having problems from lifting heavy and sicker patients. Read more

Maria Ines Zamudio was the third recipient of The AP-NORC Center Fellowship on the Economics of Aging and Work, a fellowship supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Before starting the fellowship, she was an award-winning investigative reporter for the Commercial Appeal Newspaper. Over the course of the fellowship, which ended in July, Maria wrote a series of in-depth stories on issues linked to the economics of the aging workforce in the United States and worked on AP-NORC Center projects related to aging and work.

Seen and Heard

The Poynter Institute, July 13: This journalism institute analyzed the Center's study on partisanship and the media while quoting API Executive Director Tom Rosenstiel in the article, "New report finds little difference in how Democrats and Republicans consume news and what they will pay for.", July 13: The daily "Significant Digits" article highlighted the Center's poll on power and influence in Washington.

The Christian Science Monitor, August 13: This cover story, "Can you please talk, not text? Parenting the Instagram generation," uses the Center's findings on teen social media use in a broader discussion of teens and technology.

Salon, August 27: The Center's findings from its recent poll on health care reform were featured in an article on the direction of future health care policy efforts.

The Faces of The AP-NORC Center

Ganesh_headshot.jpgNadarajasundaram Ganesh, Senior Statistician, has been working with NORC for almost 10 years. He is responsible for managing the statistical aspects associated with NORC’s AmeriSpeak Panel, which The AP-NORC Center uses for most of its national surveys. 

Since he joined NORC in 2007, he has worked on a number of projects, including large federal government studies such as the National Immunization Survey and National Survey of Children’s Health. He works on statistical problems associated with small area estimation, survey weighting, sampling, imputation, and variance estimation. He holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Maryland. He is passionate about traveling; recently he fulfilled one of his lifelong ambitions of visiting Easter Island. He also enjoys solving puzzles of any kind, and visiting the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC.  

Recently Released Data Sets

After about six months or so, The AP-NORC Center makes its data sets available to the public. Once released, data sets are available on the individual poll's project page. Polls with recently released data sets are:

The data and documentation are also donated to the polling archive at the Roper Center for Public Opinion at Cornell University.​