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Welcome to the latest edition of The AP-NORC Center Update. Check out our new research on partisanship and the media, American's feelings about the Affordable Care Act and who holds power in Washington, and a new video interactive on in-home long-term care services and supports.

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Seen and Heard

The Washington Post, June 20: Findings from the Center's June survey on climate change policy were featured in an analysis of President Trump's popularity.

Chicago Magazine, June 20: "Public Polling Paints Dismal Picture for Trump and Trumpcare," uses the Center's findings on President Trump's approval ratings from March and June., June 20: What the public sees as the main reasons for President Trump's executive order on travel were the subject of analysis in the article, "Republicans think the travel ban is about security; Democrats think it’s about Islamophobia.", June 28: The Center's research into Americans' attitudes about climate change policy was used as a lead-in to the article, "9 Low-Cost Ways To Shrink Your Carbon Footprint.", July 5: "Poll: Majority of voters back Trump travel ban," cites the Center's findings that most Americans were supportive of the courts blocking President Trump's executive order on travel, which provided a more nuanced understanding of public opinion about the ban.

The Faces of The AP-NORC Center

mc.jpgMarjorie Connelly is a Senior Fellow with The AP-NORC Center. Since joining the AP-NORC Center in 2015, she has been responsible for managing the surveys conducted for The Associated Press and overseeing The Center’s journalism fellowships. 

As a consultant for The Associated Press during the 2016 election, Marjorie was a member of the committee that wrote the exit poll questionnaires for the National Election Pool. She also provided election-night survey analysis on deadline for the primaries and the November election.

Prior to becoming a member of The AP-NORC staff, Marjorie spent more than 30 years at The New York Times, working in its News Survey department. Her final position there was editor of the department, in charge of the coverage and use of public opinion research for the national and international editions of The New York Times and 

A life-long New Yorker, Marjorie spends her off hours roaming Central Park with her dog, attending the theater and visiting some of the city’s wonderful museums. Although New York City is number one in her heart, she is enjoying getting to know Chicago through occasional trips to the NORC home office. You can follow Marjorie on Twitter @MarjConn.

Recently Released Data Sets

After about six months or so, The AP-NORC Center makes its data sets available to the public. Once released, data sets are available on the individual poll's project page. Polls with recently released data sets are:

The data and documentation are also donated to the polling archive at the Roper Center for Public Opinion at Cornell University.​