The AP-NORC Center Update

Welcome to the latest edition of The AP-NORC Center Update. We’ve been busy as we head toward the end of the year holiday season. Recent surveys have examined attitudes toward automation, taxes and guns, the year’s extreme weather and climate change, North Korea, immigration and President Trump's job performance. We conducted a survey for The AP and CNBC on Americans’ experiences with job interviews and worked with the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago on a survey about energy policy. And with funding from The SCAN Foundation, we looked at the experiences of both providers and recipients of long-term care.

Our Latest Reports

Long-Term Caregiving: The Types of Care Older Americans Provide and the Impact on Work and Family

The AP-NORC Center, with funding from The SCAN Foundation, dives into the experiences of providers and recipients of long-term care, examining what caregivers do, how they are trained, and how they balance caregiving with other aspects of their lives. Based on interviews with Americans age 40 and older with experience either giving or receiving long-term care, the survey finds that caregivers provide a wide range of assistance, though few have received formal training. And while many describe caregiving as difficult, more than half say providing care has a net positive impact on their life. Read more

Public Opinion on Energy Policy under the Trump Administration

A national survey conducted by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago and The AP-NORC Center explores Americans’ views on energy policy, climate change, fracking, pipelines, and the Paris Agreement under the Trump administration. The findings show that most Americans want the government to combat climate change, but many lack opinions on specific climate and energy policies.

Four in 10 oppose the use of fracking, while 17 percent are in favor. Another 35 percent neither favor nor oppose the practice. About a third of Americans lack opinions on the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines or the repeal of the Clean Power Plan. And while more Americans oppose withdrawal from the Paris Agreement than support it, 3 in 10 don’t have an opinion. Read more

Finding a Job: Americans' Experiences with Interviewing

A survey conducted for The Associated Press and CNBC explores Americans’ experiences with job interviewing. The results show that half of adults have faced problematic questions or inappropriate situations during a job interview. Three in 10 acknowledge exaggerating or lying about their background at any time while they were seeking a job. Read more

Americans' Assessments of Their Increasingly Automated Lives

While about half of Americans think automation improves efficiency and makes factory jobs safer, nearly 6 in 10 think automation has resulted in significant job loss. The AP-NORC Center study finds that Americans are comfortable with ATMs and regularly bank online, but most still prefer interacting with service workers for many other commercial transactions. Read more

Who Benefits? Americans’ Evaluations of the New Tax Plan

This AP-NORC Center study explores Americans’ views on the tax plan proposed by President Trump and congressional Republicans. Most Americans believe tax cuts for the middle class, low-income Americans, and small businesses would help the national economy, but they expect the tax proposal will instead benefit large corporations and affluent households. Read more

Gun Laws, Ownership, and Violence in America

In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, a national survey by The AP-NORC Center explores Americans' views on gun laws The findings show that most Americans support stricter gun laws in the U.S., but many question whether tightening of regulations can actually prevent some forms of gun violence. Read more

President Trump and Climate change, DACA, Hurricane Relief, the NFL protests and North Korea

Here are some insights we contributed to news coverage of recent events: 

  • More than half of Americans disapprove of professional athletes who have refused to stand during the national anthem before games, but more than half also disapprove of President Trump calling for these athletes to be fired. Just 3 in 10 say they would consider not standing for the anthem to protest something they believe in, and about 6 in 10 say not standing for the anthem is disrespectful to the country and its values, the military, the flag, and fellow Americans. Read more
  • In a survey delving into the public's views on President Trump’s temperament, his ability to empathize with people’s problems, and his handling of his job, we find that few Americans believe President Trump understands their needs and problems, and most would not describe him as honest, level-headed, or a strong leader. Read more
  • Six in 10 Americans favor providing a way for immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children to stay in the country legally. Among those who favor granting them legal status, two-thirds support President Trump acting unilaterally to protect them from deportation if Congress fails to act. It also finds that few Americans support building a wall on the border with Mexico, while more favor than oppose President Trump’s most recent policy restricting travel into the U.S. Read more
  • Two-thirds of Americans are concerned about the threat of North Korea’s nuclear weapons to the country overall, and 4 in 10 are worried about the danger posed to the area where they live. Only a third approve of President Trump’s handling of the situation with North Korea, and large majorities think the rhetoric from both countries’ leaders is making the situation worse. Read more
  • More than half of the public says climate change is an important issue but two-thirds disapprove of how President Trump is handling it. Two-thirds say weather-related disasters are becoming more severe, with nearly half of them citing climate change as the main reason for the change. Read more
  • While half of Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of relief efforts in the states, fewer admire how he has handled aid for the hurricane-affected territories. Most say the federal government has a major responsibility to assist when natural disaster strikes the United States or its territories. Over half of the public has given to charity in the aftermath of the recent storms. Read more


Seen and Heard

The Hill, October 2: The article, "Poll: Most Americans want government to fight climate change," featured findings from the Center's survey on climate policy issues conducted in August with the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC).

The National Law Review, October 23: The article, "Special Considerations for Latinos Seeking Care," digs deeper into the Center's finding that older Hispanics lack confidence in local long-term care facilities' abilities to meet their cultural needs.

The Washington Post, October 30: Columnist Catherine Rampell highlighted the Center's findings on the public's attitudes toward the Republican tax plan in her column, "This tax reform thing won't be as easy as Republicans think.", November 2: The results of the Associated Press and CNBC survey on Americans' experiences with job interviewing conducted by the Center ran on the CNBC website and were featured in the CNBC series "The Job Interview."

Recently Released Data Sets

After about six months or so, The AP-NORC Center makes its data sets available to the public. Once released, data sets are available on the individual poll's project page. Polls with recently released data sets are:

The data and documentation are also donated to the polling archive at the Roper Center for Public Opinion at Cornell University.​