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2018 Year in Review

Throughout the past year, The AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research contributed rigorous and independent data on a variety of policy issues and ensured that the opinions of all Americans were heard. Check out our review of some of the important work released this year.

We want to express heartfelt thanks to our supporters, partners, funders, and followers for a terrific year. We promise more great things to come in 2019.

Highlights from 2018

The Center released more than 30 reports this year, bringing insights to citizens and policymakers about some of the most important stories in the news. Here are just a few of the highlights:

New Election Survey Reflects How Americans Vote

AP VoteCast.png

Developed by The Associated Press and NORC at the University of Chicago, the AP VoteCast replaces traditional, in-person exit polling with a more accurate survey approach, accounting for in-person, early, absentee, and mail voting. The survey debuted on November 6 with impressive results, completing nearly 140,000 interviews — including 40,692 random sample interviews that form the backbone of the survey.  The survey provided remarkably accurate projections of Senate and gubernatorial races across the United States. The VoteCast approach also produced state-level data for all states with elections, including many that aren't normally covered in mid-term elections.

VoteCast was used for election night coverage by The Associated Press, Fox News, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and dozens of other news organizations around the country. In addition, The Associated Press used VoteCast for several in-depth analyses that uncovered the meaning of the election. Read More 


MTV/AP-NORC Youth Political Pulse

Last year, MTV collaborated with The AP-NORC Center on five surveys designed to examine the views of the youngest voters. The 15-34 year olds surveyed, all of whom will be old enough to vote in 2020, represent the most diverse generation in American history and occupying the largest share of the electorate.  

While young people age 15 to 34 express widespread pessimism toward the political system and discourse in the United States today, 62 percent say their generation will be motivated to make positive changes in the country.  Seventy-nine percent of Americans age 15-34 think leaders from their own generation will do a better job running the country.

The 116th Congress, sworn in on January 3, is younger and more diverse than the previous Congress, which was among the oldest in United States history. Read more

Harris Public Policy and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Launch New Poll


The University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy and The AP-NORC Center are collaborating on a new series of surveys designed to inform the public debate and contribute to academic studies. Harris Public Policy faculty, NORC researchers, and AP editors and reporters work collaboratively to develop the survey questions. The first survey, conducted in September, looks at the public’s concerns about the vulnerability of the election system ahead of the 2018 midterms, finding that Democrats have grown increasingly concerned about election security in the last two years while Republicans have grown more confident. Read more

The AP-NORC Journalism Fellowship Focused on the Economics of Aging and Work

With support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, The Center is offering a residential journalism fellowship for 2018-2019 designed to address the need for more journalists with the skills required to do research-based enterprise reporting. The fellowship brings research and journalism together to illuminate the impact of an aging workforce in the United States through research and journalism.


Andrew Soergel is the fourth recipient of The Center's Fellowship on the Economics of Aging and Work. He is a senior reporter at U.S. News & World Report, covering business and economic trends, at the local, national and international levels. Over the past four years, his reporting has focused on demography, employment statistics and legislative policy.

The Influence of Caregiving on Work and Family


Several major research studies and journalism projects, funded by The SCAN Foundation, explore how older Americans feel about the services and support in their community. In 2018, the sixth annual survey took a look at several aspects of long-term care including: 

Paying for News and Comparisons between the Public and Journalists


The ongoing collaboration with the American Press Institute on the Media Insight Project investigates evolving habits of news consumers and their attitudes toward the media. The 2018 reports include: 

The Economy, Trade, and Taxes


In the wake of the new tax law enacted December 2017 and the Trump Administration's announcements about tariffs, the economy and trade were frequent topics of AP-NORC surveys during 2018.

  • In The AP-NORC Center poll conducted in February, Americans express little optimism in the way things were going with the country, the national economy and their personal finances.
  • In March, President Trump authorized steep tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. Thirty-eight percent of Americans favor the new tariffs, while 29 percent are opposed and 32 percent neither favor nor oppose, according to the March 2018 AP-NORC Poll.
  • Jobs, prices, the environment, the health of American industries, and the United States' ability to compete in the global marketplace all rate as important considerations when negotiating trade agreements, according to the survey conducted in August.

Other AP-NORC releases include attitudes toward President Trump, the role of religion in politics, international relations, opioid addiction, race relations and guns.  Read more



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