​​​​​​​​​​​​Government, Politics, and International Affairs​

The AP-NORC Center has compiled a deep catalog of research on public affairs issues, including surveys on the 2016 Presidential Election and the monthly GenForward studies.



The Problem and Impact of Sexual Misconduct (2017)
New Year, Same Priorities: The Public's Agenda for 2018 (2017)
Americans Assess the Progress of the Russia Investigation (2017)
Turkey with a Side of Politics: Talking Politics at Thanksgiving (2017)
Who Benefits? Americans’ Evaluations of the New Tax Plan (2017)
Gun Laws, Ownership, and Violence in America (2017)
North Korea and the Threat of Nuclear Weapons (2017)
Views on DACA, New Travel Restrictions, and a Border Wall (2017)
Americans’ Evaluations of President Trump (2017)
Disaster Relief: America’s Response to Recent Hurricanes (2017)
Americans' Views on Replacing the ACA (2017)
Views on Power and Influence in Washington (2017)
Views on the Paris Climate Agreement (2017)
Views on President Trump’s Executive Order on Travel (2017)
Views on the Russia Investigation (2017)
Views on President Trump's Job Performance (2017)
Education in the United States: Choice, Control, and Quality (2017)
Taxes and the Budget (2017)
The Trump Administration and Russia (2017)
The Economy and Health Care Top the List of Americans’ Priorities (2017)
GenForward February (2017)
The American Identity: Points of Pride, Conflicting Views, and a Distinct Culture (2017)
American Teens are Politically Engaged but Pessimistic about Country’s Direction (2017)
Many Want Changes to the Health Care Law but Few Support Its Immediate Repeal (2017)
Americans’ Priorities for 2017 (2017)
GenForward December (2016)
Obama’s Legacy as President: Depends on Who You Ask (2017)
GenForward Pre-Election (2016)
GenForward October (2016)
GenForward September (2016)
​Views on the American Election Process and Perceptions of Voter Fraud (2016)
Americans Want an Issues-Based Campaign, but Don’t Always Agree on which Issues Matter Most (2016)
​​​​​​​Energy and Climate Change in the 2016 Election​ (2016)
GenForward August (2016)
​​Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy and the State of Gender Discrimination in the United States (2016)
GenForward July (2016)
Divided America: Perceptions of What Unites and Divides the Country (2016)
The Frustrated Public: Views of the 2016 Campaign, the Parties, and the Electoral Process (2016)
Rude Behavior in Everyday Life and on the Campaign Trail (2016)
The Importance of Economic Issues (2016)
Americans’ Priorities for 2016 (2016)
Americans Evaluate the Balance between Security and Civil Liberties (2015)
Americans' Views on Money in Politics (2015)
Global Issues: Americans’ Foreign Policy Priorities (2015)
Crime and Law Enforcement in America: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Attitudes toward the Criminal Justice System (2015)
Public Opinion in Russia: Russians’ Attitudes on Foreign Affairs and Social Issues (2015)
Inequality: Trends in Americans' Attitudes (2015)
Confidence in Institutions: Trends in Americans’ Attitudes toward Government, Media, and Business (2015)
Same-Sex Marriage and Gay Rights: A Shift in Americans’ Attitudes (2015)
Public Opinion in Russia: Russians’ Attitudes on Economic and Domestic Issues (2014)