​​​​​​​​​​​​Long-Term Care and Aging​

The AP-NORC Center has undertaken several major research studies and journalism projects on the public's experiences with, and opinions and attitudes about, long-term care in the United States.



Long-Term Caregiving: The True Costs of Caring for Aging Adults (2018)
Communication and Long-Term Care: Technology Use and Cultural Barriers among Hispanics (2018)
Long-Term Care in America: Increasing Access to Care (2018)
Younger Adults’ Experiences and Views on Long-Term Care (2018)
Long-Term Care and Work: How Americans Balance Caregiving with Their Jobs (2017)
Long-Term Caregiving: The Types of Care Older Americans Provide and the Impact on Work and Family (2017)
Long-Term Care in America: Hispanics’ Cultural Concerns and Difficulties with Care (2017)
Long-Term Care at Home: Understanding the Range of In-Home Services Available (2017)
Long-Term Care in America: Views on Who Should Bear the Responsibilities and Costs of Care (2017)
Aging in America: 5 Things You Need to Know About Long-Term Care (2017)
Older Californians' Long-Term Care Experiences and Policy Preferences (2016)
​​Long-Term Care in America: Concerns and Expectations among Hispanics​ (2016)
Long-Term Care in America: Expectations and Preferences for Care and Caregiving (2016)
Hispanics' Expectations and Planning for Long-Term Care (2016)
Journalism Fellowship on Long-Term Care in America
Long-Term Care in California: Policy Attitudes and Perceptions (2015)
Long-Term Care in America: Americans' Outlook and Planning for Future Care (2015)
Long-Term Care: Experiences of Hispanics in the United States (2014)
Long-Term Care in California (2014)
Long-Term Care in America: Expectations and Reality (2014)
Long-Term Care: Perceptions, Experiences, and Attitudes among Americans 40 or Older (2013)