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Many Want Changes to the Health Care Law but Few Support Its Immediate Repeal (2017)
Americans’ Priorities for 2017 (2017)
GenForward December (2016)
Obama’s Legacy as President: Depends on Who You Ask (2017)
GenForward Pre-Election (2016)
Older Californians' Long-Term Care Experiences and Policy Preferences (2016)
GenForward October (2016)
GenForward September (2016)
​Views on the American Election Process and Perceptions of Voter Fraud (2016)
Americans Want an Issues-Based Campaign, but Don’t Always Agree on which Issues Matter Most (2016)
Journalism Fellowship on the Economics of Aging and Work
​​​​​​​Energy and Climate Change in the 2016 Election​ (2016)
GenForward August (2016)
​​Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy and the State of Gender Discrimination in the United States (2016)
​​Long-Term Care in America: Concerns and Expectations among Hispanics​ (2016)
GenForward July (2016)
Divided America: Perceptions of What Unites and Divides the Country (2016)
GenForward June (2016)
Working Longer: Aging, Work, and Retirement Planning in America (2016)
The Frustrated Public: Views of the 2016 Campaign, the Parties, and the Electoral Process (2016)
Long-Term Care in America: Expectations and Preferences for Care and Caregiving (2016)
Views of the National Economy are Clouded by Personal Finance and Employment Concerns (2016)
A New Understanding: What Makes People Trust and Rely on News (2016)
Rude Behavior in Everyday Life and on the Campaign Trail (2016)
The Zika Virus: Americans' Awareness and Opinions of the U.S. Response (2016)
American Attitudes toward Substance Use in the United States (2016)
Hispanics' Expectations and Planning for Long-Term Care (2016)
The Importance of Economic Issues (2016)
American Attitudes toward the Pope Following His Visit to the United States (2016)
Americans’ Priorities for 2016 (2016)