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2019: The Public's Priorities and Expectations (2018)
Human Genetic Engineering (2018)
Holiday Favorites: It's a Wonderful Life and Silent Night (2018)
The Investigations into Donald Trump (2018)
What Unites and Divides the United States? (2018)
Young Americans’ Outlook Ahead of the Midterm Election (2018)
The Confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (2018)
Long-Term Caregiving: The True Costs of Caring for Aging Adults (2018)
​Concerns About the Vulnerability of the Election System Are Widespread Ahead of the 2018 Midterms (2018)
MTV/AP-NORC Youth Political Pulse, September 2018: Young People’s Interest, and Anxieties, over the Midterms Increase as the Election Nears (2018)
The Role of Religion in Politics (2018)
Trump’s Trade Tariffs and Supreme Court Nominee (2018)
Border Enforcement: ICE and Family Separation (2018)
MTV/AP-NORC: Young Americans and the Midterm Election (2018)
Communication and Long-Term Care: Technology Use and Cultural Barriers among Hispanics (2018)
Genetic Testing: Ancestry Interest, But Privacy Concerns (2018)
American Attitudes Toward International Relations (2018)
MTV/AP-NORC May 2018 Youth Political Pulse (2018)
Americans and the News Media: What they do — and don’t — understand about each other (2018)
Long-Term Care in America: Increasing Access to Care (2018)
Younger Adults’ Experiences and Views on Long-Term Care (2018)
Americans’ Views of Privacy and Data Security in the Digital Age (2018)
American Attitudes Toward Teacher Pay and Protests (2018)
Americans’ Foreign Relations Outlook (2018)
Americans Recognize the Growing Problem of Opioid Addiction (2018)
50 years after Martin Luther King’s Assassination: Assessing Progress of the Civil Rights Movement (2018)
MTV/AP-NORC Youth Political Pulse, March 2018: Young Americans’ Political Outlook and Perspectives on the Trump Presidency (2018)
Trade and Taxes: How Americans Feel about Recent Economic Policies (2018)
Americans' Outlook for the Future (2018)
Guns in America: Attitudes in the Wake of the Parkland Shooting (2018)